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Centralway Numbrs


Centralway Numbrs is the new bank branch. As one of the most popular mobile banking applications in Germany, Centralway Numbrs enables you to manage your financial life on the go. Powerful functions give you control over your finances without having to visit your bank branch.Privacy Your data is yours alone. All information is completely anonymised and encrypted using 2048-bit SSL, and stored in the same secure data centres used by German banks. Your name might be Thomas Meier, but to us you are: 1a1d9612-5df9-4152-ae0b-46dfad80c3ed. Centralway Numbrs has also been certified by the German institute TÜV. We will never sell or share any data, including email addresses. To learn more about privacy and security in Centralway Numbrs, visit
Multi-bankingControl all your bank accounts with just one app. Centralway Numbrs supports more than 3,500 financial institutions in Germany, including:
• Commerzbank• Sparkasse• Postbank• Deutsche Bank• Targobank• Santander• Raiffeisen• Volksbankand many more …TimelineYour personal finance hub, complete with details of every transaction. The Timeline feature will keep you informed of every change in your balance. Search and filter your transactions by type, account or contact, or remove them from your view completely.
Send MoneyWhether domestic or international, secure bank transfers have never been this simple. Save a contact’s bank details once and send payments quickly. Move savings between your own accounts, or schedule transfers for future dates. With push notifications, Centralway Numbrs will remind you of all upcoming payments. Multiple layers of security and encryption, including TAN support, protect transfers at all times.
NotificationsStay informed with reminders of scheduled payments, budget updates and more on your homescreen. Personalise your experience with a suite of customisable options and only see the information you want to see. Notifications are the perfect way to monitor your accounts with the least fuss.
AnalysisWith the Analysis feature, you can now gain even more valuable insights into your finances. The ability to set budgets and track progress towards goals allows you to stay on top of your income and spending at all times. Enable push notifications and be notified of your progress every step of the way. Combined with automatic categorisation, no transaction will be missed. Control every single facet of your finances.
SecuritySecurity is at the core of our activities. We have developed numerous safety features, because your hard-earned money deserves security. Find out more about the many security features of Centralway Numbrs:
Centralway Numbrs has been carefully tested by several German authorities, and acknowledged as a highly trusted app. It has also been officially certified and approved by the TÜV institution, who tested its privacy and security. The test is repeated every year, permanently ensuring a constant standard of high quality.
SupportHave a question to ask? Our competent support team is here to help. Send us an email at